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How to Make Your Booth Stand Out at Festivals & Shows

April 2015

Image Courtsey: Kirsten SkilesImage Courtsey: Kirsten Skiles

Arts and crafts shows can range from very small to huge. With big shows comes big competition. As an artist, you want to make sure your booth stands out and catches people’s attention. Otherwise, you might be missing out on potential sales and missed opportunities to build a fan base.

The appeal of your booth is everything in arts and crafts shows and can directly affect how many sales you make. If you don’t have an eye-catching display, you will simply not get the results you want no matter how great your items are. If you want people to be glued to your booth, buy your products, and tell others about it, be sure to plan your booth ahead of time and consider the things that will make it stand out.

One of the first things you can do is research current arts and crafts show trends. You can find a lot of inspiration on sites like Pinterest for displays that showcase products similar to yours and that keep up with what’s hot this year. Also, part of your research can be visiting other arts and crafts shows to see how other artists set up their booths.

Also, consider a theme for your booth to strengthen your branding efforts. You want to be remembered, and you want people to come back to you. When you work around a theme, people are more prone to remembering you and your products, and if you’re selling products online, they will most likely visit your website and buy more even after the show ends. 

Color is very important when it comes to displaying your items. Consider the color pattern that goes best with your theme and stick to it. Don’t overwhelm your product display with busy patterns just because they are in style. Be faithful to your theme, and pick a color scheme that adjusts to it, always making your product the protagonist of the booth.

Adding signage is also a great way to stand out. You can have a little sign stating which methods of payment you take, as well as your return policy. You also want to think what frequently asked questions people have about your products and create a sign answering those. Also, people love to see items that already have a price tag on them. It saves both you and the visitor time and effort if you price everything from the get go.


Good advice but certain “arts” cannot always be priced with a price tag. Conversation, explanation and creative closing techniques may be appropriate for some non-price tagged art!
Also if allowed lighting can also bring a positive effect to your “artist showcase”!

An excellent example: and facebook: maiacummins

By Patrick Frase on April 9, 2015

Great advice. I have never vendor at a craft show before. I’ll surely consider these before I do. Thank you very much

By Siamchuchu on April 11, 2015

Does being the author of a book fit into the ART category?  I am searching out places to do book signings.  I have been working on some of the things mentioned above to make myself and my book stand out.

By Janice Brown on April 13, 2015

Is it to late to have a vendor spot? How much is it? I have paracord crafts.

By Amber Zimmerman on April 28, 2015

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