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Our Work Today becomes Tomorrows Collectibles Booger Hollow Originals

Exhibitor Type: Retail


Lynda and Al Niemczyk

Blairsville, GA 30512
United States
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Short Description:

We have a small family business in the North Georgia Mountains producing unique primitive items. We've sold both wholesale and retail and done several fairs and craft shows. Life changes led us to become a smaller cottage industry. We use natural wood with bark edges for tops of night stands and desks. We design our own furniture, and do some custom work. We enjoy knowing that the items we make today will become cherished collectibles for tomorrow.
Our Work Today becomes Tomorrows Collectibles Booger Hollow Originals
Our Work Today becomes Tomorrows Collectibles Booger Hollow Originals


I am writing to ask if you all could build me a langerray chest excuse my spelling, but you know it is the very tal l dresser that women put their personal undergarments in.I would like it to be 24” wide and the drawers at least 8 to 10” deep, the whole depth of chest to be around 14” to 16” from front to back. And the tallness to be around 5 foot to 5 and a half foot. With as many draws as can be. I would like to know if you could or would build something like that or not and how much it would roughly be with guessing shipping and handling. Please let me know,  I would greatly be in deaded to you, because we love your work and looks. We have looked every where but can not find what I want. But your style is just what I want.. We have been through Boogerhallow and we took our picture by the sign, we just love it up there our kind of living. We are from Waycross, Georgia just south of you around by the swamp park. I will be waiting for your answer.

By Beth Murray on March 25, 2011

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